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Eurydice — Villanova Theatre at Vasey Hall

Eurydice leads a charmed death. Holding her breath while submerged in the River Styx during her crossing from life to the Underworld, and jauntily sporting a tentlike umbrella as she … Continue reading

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Big Love — Villanova Theatre at Vasey

Two musical interludes that had nothing to do with the plot count as my favorite moments in the Villanova production of “Big Love” at Vasey Theatre. The first is a … Continue reading

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Fallen Angels — Villanova Theatre

A tone of tasteful sophistication is set the minute you enter Villanova’s Vasey Theatre and see the elegant deco furnishings designer, Paris Bradley, and director, Rev. David Cregan, have chosen … Continue reading

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The School for Lies — Villanova Theatre

 In litigious Paris of 1666, an errant word, a just but insulting criticism, or any hint of gossip, even verifiable gossip, can land an unlucky person in court for slander, … Continue reading

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Everyman — Villanova Theatre

Imagination and creativity abound copiously during every single second of Villanova Theatre’s production of “Everyman.”       Rev. David Cregan’s evocative 21st century mounting of this classic 15th century morality play … Continue reading

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Red Herring — Villanova Theatre

  In a play that billows with as much irony and coincidence as Michael Hollinger’s “Red Herring,” the most ironic moment in Harriet Power’s production for Villanova Theatre occurs when … Continue reading

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