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Animal Farm — Luna Theater

Compact though “Animal Farm” is, George Orwell’s cautionary tale about totalitarianism, the imposing of rigid doctrine or ideology over physical and mental independence, the worminess of populist leadership, and the … Continue reading

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Closer — Luna Theater

The dialogue alone in Patrick Marber’s play, “Closer,” offers enough excellence to celebrate. Marber is a playful writer. The byplay he provides his characters shows their universal sophistication and intelligence. … Continue reading

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Quills — Luna Theater

Words are often considered equivalent to sticks and stones in the minds of people who shrivel from other people’s thoughts or to the powerful or sensitive who would rather impose … Continue reading

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Brainpeople — Luna Theater

Magical realism is an acquired taste. It asks for more than usual suspension of disbelief as it turns a plausible, realistic situation into a fantasy of great or even phenomenal proportion. … Continue reading

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The Pillowman — Luna Theater

 In his play, “The Pillowman,” naughty, naughty theatrical tease Martin McDonagh has one of his characters, a writer named Katurian, say the only reason writers write what they know is … Continue reading

January 29, 2014 · 1 Comment

A Clockwork Orange — Luna Theater

Masks, wigs, and purposely outlandish characterizations become more window dressing than concept in the Luna Theater production of Anthony Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange,” an auspicious inaugural work for Luna’s new … Continue reading

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