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2016 Philadelphia Theater Critic’s Awards — The Qualifiers

What an enriching year in Philadelphia theater!

Choosing the alleged best among 176 productions proved an daunting task as companies are getting cannier about selecting plays that are good for them, as the new, even if not always to my liking, mixes well with classics, as performers we saw in early days mature into genuine artists with consistent ability to impress and thrill, and newer players make their names of local stages.

Ranking productions, and even performances, teaches a lot. One learns, for one thing, that 9ut of 176 shows, about 140, a vast majority, were worth the visit, and about half the remaining are interesting failures or have something of value to offer. You that assured consistency I write about in the previous paragraph. You see theaters that are developing into true artistic entities beyond being stock houses or regular presenters. You see how carefully each company crafts a season. Mostly, you appreciate the effort of hundreds of artists, administrators, technical creators, front-of-house staff, box office personnel, and behind-the-scenes folks, some volunteers, than make shows run efficiently and professionally.

Lucky, lucky me to be in the midst of all of this! And to be able to offer special praise and thanks to the people who make so much happen. Just look at the number of people listed here to see how many it takes to from a first-class regional theater destination, which Philadelphia is. And the writers, designers, stage managers, and administrative folk aren’t even listed.

The Philadelphia Theater Critic’s Awards recognize the work that happens on stage. The people listed here as “Qualifiers” were considered as I entered the shows in which they appeared in my theater diaries, not as a year-end exercise.. (Yes, there are at least two.) The list is kept all-year-long and tweaked in late December and early January to make sure it’s complete. The list for 2017 has already begun.

As usual, the nominees in each of six categories will be posted within a few days. Soon after, the recipients of Philadelphia Theater Critic’s Award will be announced along with a list of the Top 30 ranked in acting categories and directing and the Top 40 for productions.


miss daisy - cover 2BEST PRODUCTION — All the Days, All’s Well That Ends Well, Always…Patsy Cline, An American in Paris, Another Kind of Silence, As You Like It, The Ballad of Trayvon Martin, Bathing in Moonlight, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Beauty and the Beast, Big Fish, The Birds, Blithe Spirit, Boeing Boeing, Breaking the Waves, Breathe Smoke, The Bridges of Madison County, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, Buyer & Cellar, The Carols, Cake Off, Cat-A-Strophe, The Chairs, A Child’s Christmas in Wales, The Christians, A Christmas Carol A Christmas Story, A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, Cold Mountain, College Colors, The Cripple of Inishmaan, Daddy Long-Legs, Death of a Salesman, Delirium, Disgraced, Divine Sister, Doctor Faustus, Dogfight, Driving Miss Daisy, Dublin by Lamplight, Electile Dysfunction, Electra, The Elixir of Love, Exit Strategy, The Explorers Club, Festial Quartet, Flat Sam, Flickering Images, Fly, Forever Plaid, Found, The Found Dog Ribbon Dance, Fully Committed, Funnyman, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Guards at the Taj, The Government Inspector, Grounded, Happy Days, The Harassment of Iris Malloy, Harbor, The Hard Problem, Harvey, He Who Gets Slapped, Heartland, Hillary and Clinton, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Hound of the Baskervilles,I Am Not My Motherland, I Will Not Go Gently, If/Then, An Iliad, The Invisible Hand, The ‘It’ Girl, Jamaica, Julius Caesar, Kiss Me Kate, The Language Archives, The Legend of Georgia McBride, The Lion in Winter, A Little Night Music, Lobby Hero, Local Girls, Love’s Labour’s List, Macbeth, Machinal, Mama’s Boy, Man of La Mancha, Marisol, Mauritius, Molly Sweeney, A Moon for the Misbegotten, Moth, Mother Courage and Her Children, The Mountaintop, The Mousetrap, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, My Favorite Husbands, My Name is Asher Lev, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Nether, A New Brain, Notes of a Native Son, Nureyev’s Eyes, An Octoroon, Oscar Wilde: From the Depths, On the Road Again, Or,, The Other Place, Out of the City, Peter and the Starcatcher, The Piano Lesson, Pippin, The Plough and the Stars, Radiant Vermin, The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, Red, #TheRevolution, Richard III, Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash, Rizzo, Roseburg, Rumors, Saint Joan, The Secret Garden, See What I Wanna See, Sense and Sensibility, Sensitive Guys, The Servant of Two Masters, Seuls, 1776, Sex with Strangers, A Single Shard, Sister Act, The Sisterhood, Smoke, Sleeping Beauty; A Musical Panto, The Sound of Music, South Pacific, Spine, Steel Magnolias, Straight White Men, A Streetcar Named Desire, Stupid F***ing Bird, The Suicide Jockey, The Taming of the Shrew, The Taste of Things to Come, Thieves’ Carnival, Thirteen, 36 Views, This is the Week That Is, Time is On Our Side, To Kill a Mockingbird, Tommy & Me, Too Much Sun, Translations, Turandot, Twelfth Night, The War of the Roses, When the Rain Stops Falling, The Wizard of Oz, The Women, Two Trains Running, West Side Story, White Guy on the Bus, Wilde Tales, Wolves, A Wonderful Noise, Working.


he who gets slapped -- coverBEST ACTOR — Anthony Mustafa Adair, Owais Ahmed, Derek Basthemer, Ross Beschler, Jake Blouch, Rich Bradford, Luke Brahdt, Tony Braithwaite, Scott Bryce, Charles Busch, Billy Bustamante, Andrew Carroll, Nick Cearley, Kyle Coffman, Austin Colby, William Connell, Jeffrey Coon, Paul Danelski, Ben Davis, Bill Dawes, Paul DeBoy, Jared Michael Delaney, Peter DeLaurier, John Dewey, Ben Dibble, Michael Doherty, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, Kyle Fennie, Brian Flores, Michael Goldsmith, Shabazz Green, Scott Greer, Justin Guarini, Joel Guerrero, Joe Guzmán, Adam Hammet, Sam Hartley, F, Muchael Haynie, Johnnie Hobbs, Jr., Wayne Hu, Brian Lee Huynh, James Ijames, Thomas-Robert Irvin, Gregory Isaac, Miles G. Jackson, Robert Kahn, Zoran Kovcic, Zack Krajnyak, Paul Kuhn, Jenson Titus Lavallee, Anthony Lawton, Marc LeVasseur, John Lopes, Patrick Ludt, David Lutken, Michael E. Manley, Andrew Manning, Matt Maretz, Kevin Massey, Tom McCarthy, Raúl Méndez, Ben Michael, Chris Monaco, John Moore, Euan Morton, Brendan Moser, Wajda Mouwad, Iringu Mutu, Robert Newman, Jack Noseworthy, Michael Philip O’Brien. Brandon O’Rourke, Jarrett Ott, Steve Pacek, Andrew Parcells, Ian Merrill Peakes, Ben Pederson, Matt Pfeiffer, Dimitri Pittas, Spencer Plachy, Richard Poe, Pete Pryor, Evan Raines, Amir Randall, Anthony Rapp, John Rapson, Brian Ratcliffe, Jared Reed, Matteo Scammell, Nicholas Scheppard, Bob Schmidt, Paul Schoeffler, Garen Scribner, Stew, Bob Stineman, Mark Swift, Matt Tallman, Joey Teti, Tom Teti, Sean Thompson, J.D. Triolo, Brock D. Vickers, David Volin, Dito von Reigersberg, Carl N. Wallnau, Russ Widdall, Stephen Tyrone Williams, Brian Anthony Wilson, Greg Wood, Henry Woronicz, Bowman Wright


mousetrap -- coverBEST ACTRESS — Caroline Aaron, Betsy Aidem, Kerstin Anderson, Leslie Ayvazian, Laura Barron, Jessica Bedford, Carla Belver, Megan Bellwoar, Cassandra Bissell, Allison Bloechl, Victoria Rose Bonino, Tina Brock, Rachel Brodeur, Jackie Burns, Rachel Camp, Tanya Canales, Annabel Capper, Gay Carducci, Jennifer Childs, Amanada Coffin, Rebecca Jane Cureton, Janis Dardaris, Christina DiCicco, Kiera Duffy, Jennie Eisenhower, Adrienne Eller, Sara Esty, Kate Fahrner, Isabella Fehlandt, Liz Filios, Melanye Finister, Aetna Gallagher, Alice M. Gatling, Sarah Gliko, Hannah Gold, Grace Gonglewski, Gillian Mariner Gordon, MaryJoanna Grisso, Hannia Guillen, Eleanor Handley, Wakeema Hollis, E. Ashley Izard, Emily R. Johnson, Melanie Julian, Leigha Kato, Emilie Krause, Kara Krichman, Isabel Leonard, Joanne Liao, Mercy Lyons-Cox, Amy Marchant, Mary Martello, Elisa Matthews, Victoria Mayo, Patrese D. McClain, Gabrielle McClinton, Mary McCool, Jessica Medoff, Abby Mueller, Aneesa Neibauer, Kristen Norine, Charlotte Northeast, Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Campbell O’Hare, Clare O’Malley, Kittson O’Neill, Hannah Parke, Karen Peakes, Sabrina Profitt, Kirsten Quinn, Brooke Quintana, Michele Ragusa, JoAnna Rhinehart, Claire Inie-Richards, Patricia Richardson, Renee Richman-Weisband, Jane Ridley, Brett Ashley Robinson, Bailey Ryon, Isabella Sazak, Amanda Schoonover, Michaela Schuchman, Ann Marie Sell, Sara Shafer, Angela Smith, Donna Snow, Molly Sorenson, Melanie Stefan-Watts, Jenny Lee Stern, Anna Zaida Szapiro, Mary Tuomanen, Elisa Vannerson, Jessica Wagner, Susan Wilder, Dan’Yellle Williamson, Julianna Zinkel


goverment inspector -- coverBEST SUPPORTING ACTOR — Joey Abramowicz, Anthony Mustafa Adair, Ames Adamson, Julius Ahn, Frankie J. Alvarez, Adam Altman, Shravan Amin, Chris Anthony, Bob Ari, Sam Ashdown, Keith Baker, David Bardeen, Monroe Barrick, John Basiulis, Philip Michael Baskerville, Travis Keith Battle, John Baxter, Alex Bechtel, Daniel Belcher, Aaron Bell, Etai Benson, Kevin Bergen, Justin Bergson, Ross Beschler, Andrew Betz, Peter Bisgaier, Jake Blouch, Leo Bond, Damon Bonetti, Curt Bouril, Luke Brahdt, Barry Brait, Tony Braithwaite, Brooks Brantley, Terry Brennan, Kelly Briggs, Julian Brightman, Alan Brincks, Neil Brookshire, Christopher R. Brown, John Brown, Kirk Wendell Brown, Geoffrey Bruen, Newton Buchanan, Kevin Burdette, Chase Byrd, Carlo Campbell, Tom Carman, Josh Carpenter, Steve Carpenter, Peter Carrier, Andrew Carroll, Ashton Carter, Doug Cashell, Edgar Cavazos, Todd Cerveris, Richard Chan, Zachary Chiero, Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Sean Close, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Gavin Cole, Keith Conallen, Sean Connolly, Jeffrey Coon, Lee Cortopassi, Zach Cossman, Ross Cowan, Brian Cowden, Juwan Crawley, Andrew Criss, Aaron Cromie, Anthony Crosby, Dan Cullen, Michael Cullen, Robert Ian Cutler, Paul Dake, Peter Danelski, Adam Danoff, Robert DaPonte, Darien Dauchan, Akeem Davis, Mike Dees, Marc Delacruz, Peter DeLaurier, Charlie DelMarcelle, Marcus DeLoach, Will Dennis, Cleavant Derricks, Walter DeShields, Jordan Dobson, Mike Dorsey, Jacob Dresch, Tim Dugan, J.P. Dunphy, Tomas Dura, Christian Eason, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, Omar Edwards, Alexander Eltzroth, Quinn Erickson, Kevin Esmond, André M. Evers, Ben Fankhauser, Robert Farruggia, Trevor Fayle, Kyle Fennie, Merwin Foard, Nathan Foley, Cameron Folmar, Jamison Foreman, Anthony Frace, Mike Franz, Daniel Fredrick, Joseph Gaines, Richard Gallagher, Michael Gamache, Steve Gleich, Anthony J. Goes, David Glover, Kash Goins, Nate Golden, Grant Goodman, Bruce Graham, Adam Green, Doug Greene, Scott Greer, Deaon Griffin-Pressley, Ben Grinberg, Joel Guerrero, Joe Guzmán, Leonard C. Haas, Justin Hagan, Ryan Hagan, Roy Hage, Arlen Hancock, Doug Hara, Ron Hargreaves, T.J. Harris, Billy D. Hart, Sam Henderson, J Hernandez, Kevis Hillocks, Makato Hirano, Eric Hissom, Dan Hodge, Jim Hogan, Jake Hufner, Jeff Hunsicker, David Reece Hutchinson, Matthew Hydzik, David Ingram, Gregory Isaac, Dave Jadico, Justin Jain, Zachary James, Harry Jardine, John Earl Jelks, Mikéah Ernest Jennings, Dave Johnson, Andy Joos, Josh Kachnycz, Adam Kampouris, Alistair Kent, Dan Kern, Justin Keyes, Michael Kiliany, Jungwoong Kim, Justin Kirby, Aaron Kirkpatrick, Josh Kirwin, Zoran Kovcic, Eric Kramer, Ben Krieger, Matthew Kuenne, Paul Kuhn, Ken Land, James David Larson, Aidan J. Lawrence, Elisha Lawson, Anthony Lawton, Mark Lazar, William LeDent, Larry Lees, Sonny Leo, Kent M. Lewis, Ethan Lipkin, Marcel Logan, Rey Lucas, Nathan Madden, R.J. Mazgee, Graeme Malcolm, Michael E. Manley, Mark Marano, Seth Martin, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Jaime Maseda, Matthew Mastronardi, Patrick McAndrew, Connor McAndrews, Brian McCann, Forrest McClendon, Paul McElwee, William McHattie, Jered McLenigan, Dane McMichael, Kevin Meehan, Nikitas Menotiades, Jacob Merinar, Aubie Merryless, Anthony Michaels-Moore, John David Miles, Daniel Miller, Karl Miller, Warner Miller, Ben Michael, DeLance Minifee, Courtney ‘C.J.’ Mitchell, E. Roger Mitchell, Chris Monaco, Matthew Moorhead, Jay Hunter Morris, Kenny Morris, John Morrison, Stanley Morrison, Tim Moyer, Christopher Patrick Mullen, Kevin Murray, Brandon Nagle, Desmond Newson, J. Paul Nicholas, Paul L. Nolan, Brendan Norton, Stephen Novelli, Craig O’Brien, Michael Philip O’Brien, Owiso Odera, Fergus O’Donnell, John O’Donnell, Dan Olmstead, Ken Opdenaker, Ron Orbach, Hudson Orfe, Karack Osborn, Kent Overshown, Steve Pacek, Gianni Palmarini, Nichalas L. Parker, Ian Merrill Peakes, David Pegram, Robert Gene Pellecchio, Andy Phelan, David Pica, Brandon J. Pierce, Dan Poole, Josh Portera, David Portillo, Fran Prisco, John Procaccino, Ned Pryce, Peter Pryor, Joe Pudetti, Allan Radway, Davy Raphaely, James Reilly, Roger Ricker, Steven Rishard, Carol Roa, Lance Roberts, Zack Robidas, Christopher Marlowe Roche, John Rubinstein, Michael Rudko, Danny Rutigliano, Michael Rzepka, Nikhil Saboo, Gilbert D. Sanchez, Nicholas Saverine, Matt Saylor, Buck Schirmer, Bob Schmidt, Kyle Segarra, Thom Sesma, Grant Shaud, Andy Shaw, Sam Sherwood, Christopher Shin, A.J. Shively, Angel J. Sigala, Drew Sipos, Lindsay Smiling, Carl Nathaniel Smith, Graham Smith, Harry Smith, Jacques C. Smith, Johnny Smith, Christiaan Smith-Kotlarek, Heorge Ross Somerville,Charles South, Ryan Spahn, Nick Spangler, James Stabp, Griffin Stanton-Ameisen, Ryan Steele, Bob Stineman, Christopher Sutton, Ed Swidey. Mark Swift, Matt Tallman, Jack Tamburri, Jahzeer Terrell, Joshua Tewell, Dwayne Thomas, Damien Thompson, Raphael Nash Thompson, Sean Thompson, Liam Tobin, Michael Toner, Kevin Toniazzo-Naughton, Stephen J. Tornetta, Josh Totora, Dan Tracy, Tom Trudgeon, Rob Tucker, U.R., Grant Uhle, Danny Vaccaro, Bill Van Horn, Eric Van Wie, Peter Varga, Craig Verm, Brock D. Vickers, Joe Vincent, Damian J. Wallace, Carl N. Wallnau, H. Michael Walls, Ryan Walter, Nate Washburn, Dwayne Washington, Greg Watanable, Harry Watermeier, Paul Weagraff, Bob Weick, Michael Wells, Terrell Wheeler, Russ Widdall, Brian Anthony Wilson, Ron Wisniski, Lenny Wolpe, Greg Wood, Reji Woods, Tim Woodward, Jr., Tim Woodward, Sr., Frank X, Shaun Yates, John Zak


language -- interior 2BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS — Ronke Adekoluejo, Sharon Alexander, Laura Allan, Tabitha Allen, Clea Alsip, Erika Amato, Shannon Janee Antalan, Cara Noel Antosca, Kristina Apple-Hodge, Leslie Ayvazian, June Ballinger, Gina Naomi Baez, Bonnie Baldini, Karina Balfour, Adrienne Barbeau, Virginia Barrie, Laura Barron, Meredith Beck, Mary Lee Bednarek, Jessica Bedford, Rachel Berkman, Melody Betts, Deborah Billups, Galen Blanzaco, Allison Bloechl, Victoria Rose Bonino, Ally Borgstrom, Gaby Bradbury, Kate Brighter, Abigail Brown, Frances Brown, Trice Baldwin Browns, Brandi Burgess, Rachel Camp, Taysha Canales, Kelsey Carroll, Kim Carson, Laura Chaneski, Alison T. Chi, Lori Tan Chinn, Joyce Cohen, Rosalyn Coleman, Colleen Corcoran, Ivy Cordle, Josslyn Cortes, Alda Cortese, Lauren Cupples, Rebecca Jane Cureton, Jessica DalCanton, Cindy De La Cruz, Eleni Delopoulos, Rachel DelVecchio, Lucy DeVito, Jackie DiFerdinando, Karli Dinardo, Janine Divita, Caroline Dooner, Mindy Dougherty, Nyssa Duchow, Joyce El-Khoury, Kimberley Fairbanks, Kyra Faith, Emily Ferrante, Liz Filios, Diane J. Findlay, Melanye Finister, Cameron Flurry, Sandy Foster, Ife Foy, Krissy Fraelich, Mimi Francis, Leah Gabriel, Hannah Gaffney, Sarah J. Gafgen, Aetna Gallagher, Eve Gigliotti, Laura Giknis, Sarah Gliko, Stephanie Gray, Tamyra Gray, Suzanne Grodner, Allison Guinn, Becky Gulsvig, Lexi Gwynn, Kristen Hahn, Cecilia Hall, Laura Hall, Eleanor Handley, Teri Hansen, Natlaie Haro, Sabrina Harper, Melissa Joy Hart, Mattie Hawkinson, Tamra Hayden, Beatrice Hemmings, Erika Hennigsen, Tracie Higgins, Sophie Hirsch, Anita Holland, Monique Holt, Elizabeth Hostetter, Elise Hudson, Colleen Hughes, Miriam A. Hyman, Margaret Ivey, Stephanie Janssen, Joanne Javien, Julie Jesneck, Alina John, Jessica M. Johnson, Maggie Johnson, Svea Elizabeth Johnson, Rebecca Joy, Lena Kaminsky, Annette Kaplafka, Leigha Kato, Mina Kawahara, Alex Keiper, Aimé Donna Kelly, C. Kennedy, Emily Kleimo, Sarah Knittel, Jess Kochu, Maria Konstantinidis, Emilie Krause, Tessa Kuhn, Kirsten C. Kunkle, Maggie Lakis, Teri Lamm, Elyse Langley, Erika LaVonn, Danielle Lenée, Valerie Leonard, Donovan Lockett, Marlyn Logue, Priscilla Lopez, Emily Kaye Lynn, Erin Mackey, Jennifer MacMillan, Deirdre Madigan, Elisa Matthews, Christina May, Lakisha May, Drucie McDaniel, Kerry Kristine McElrone, Julia McIntyre, Susan McKey, Deborah Lynn Meier, Olivia Mell, Sally Mercer, Elizabeth Meisenzahl, Laural Merlington, Lee Minora, Ellie Mooney, LaTasha S. Morris, Lena Mucchetti, Colleen Murphy, Anne L. Nathan, Elizabeth Nestlerode, Bi Jean Ngo, Christina Nieves, Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Campbell O’Hare, Jaylene Clark Owens, Emily Parker, Hillary Parker, Karen Peakes, Geneviève Perrier, Lyn Philistine, Francesca Piccioni, Sam Price, Sabrina Profitt, Ebony Pullum, Janet Quartarone, Kirsten Quinn, Amanda Jill Robinson, Megan Rose, Jackie Roth, Janice Rowland, Megan Rucidlo, Helen Jean Russell, Jamila Sabares-Klemm, Jeanne Sakata, Marcia Saunders, Mary Elizabeth Scallen, Marnie Schulenberg, Patricia Schuman, Gayton Scott, Ariana Sepúlveda, Kim Shimer, Sandra Shipley, Ariana Shore, Jaclyn Siegel, Paige Silvester, Marietta Simpson, Stacy Skinner, Megan Slater, Angela Smith, Jennifer Smith, Peggy Smith, Jessica Snow, Taiwo Sokan, Samantha Solar, Molly Sorenson, Chelsea Mariah Soto, Lauren Sowa, Isa St. Clair, Heather Stebbins, Rachel Sterrenberg, Madalyn St. John, Susan Riley Stevens, Susan Sullivan, Jennifer Summerfield, Kayla Tarpley, Linda Thorson, Katrina Thurman, Mary Tuomanen, Jo Twiss, Hannah Van Sciver, Katty Velasquez, Tiffany Villarin, Joanna Volpe, Jessica Wagner, Jessica Walter, Stephanie N. Walters, Susan Wefel, Adrienne S. Wells, Denise Whelan, Cheryl Williams, Kristen Beth Williams, Meghan Winch, Ruby Wolf, Marissa Wolner, Tamara Woods, Faith Yesner, Emily Young, Julianna Zinkel


electile-coverBEST DIRECTOR — Charles Abbott, Carl Andress, Nick Anselmo, Susan D. Atkinson, Keith Baker, Deborah Block, Jeremy Bloom, Timothy Bond, Damon Bonetti, David Bradley, Tony Braithwaite, Steve H. Broadnax III, Tina Brock, Joshua Browns, Marc Bruni, Alexander Burns, Oliver Butler, Joe Canuso, Elizabeth Carlson-Guerin, Bob Carlton, Mary Carpenter, Jade King Carroll, Stephen Casey, Jennifer Childs, James J. Christy, Jesse Cline, Rev. David Cregan, Aaron Cromie, James Darrah, Murphy Davis, Ginger Dayle, Matthew Decker, Peter DeLaurier, Emmanuelle Delpech, Renaud Doucet, Dann Dunn, Jennie Eisenhower, Kip Fagan, Kevin Fennell, Bill Fennelly, Leonard Foglia, Hunter Foster, Connor Gallagher, Kate Galvin, Brenna Geffers, M. Craig Getting, Michael Greif, Joseph Hanreddy, Neil Hartley, Allison Heishman, Dan Hodge, Sean Holmes, James Ijames, Adam Immerwahr, Jim Jack, Valerie Joyce, Carmen Khan, Ricardo Khan, Kevin Kittle, Maura Krause, Sarna Lapine, Stephen Lawless, Anne Lewis, Marcela Lorca, Lorin Lotarro, Sherry Lutken, Kathryn MacMillan, Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj, Emily Mann, Debi Marcucci, Jarrod Markman, Bud Martin, Marsha Mason, Michael Mastro, Charles McMahon, Claire Moyer, Patrick Mulcahy, Raelle Myrick-Hodges, Terrence J. Nolen, Jack O’Brien, Megan Nicole O’Brien, Dan Olmstead, Michael Osinski, Diane Paulus, Matt Pfeiffer, Aaron Posner, Harriet Power, Pete Pryor, Tom Quinn, Dennis Razze, Samantha Reading, Jared Reed, Tom Reing, Peter Reynolds, Rob Roth, Lisa Rothe, William Roudebush, Seth Rozin, Rich Rubin, David Saint, Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Ken Rus Schmoll, Joanna Settle, Edward Sobel, Richard Stafford, David Stradley, Seema Sueko, Michelle Tattenabum, Danya Taymor, Meg Trelease, Darko Tresnjak, Gaye Taylor Upchurch, Bill Van Horn, Christopher Wheeldon, Rebecca Wright, Blanka Zizka

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