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2015 Philadelphia Theater Critic’s Awards — The QUALIFIERS

untitled (114)A nice round 200 shows qualified this year for the 2015 Philadelphia Theater Critic’s Awards.

Theaters range from New Brunswick, New Jersey to Wilmington, Delaware, and shows range from national tours at the Kimmel Center to community theater productions. Actually 208 shows were seen in the coverage range in 2015, but some were doubles, shows to which I returned because I like them so much.

Within a couple of days, the five top qualifiers in the Best Production, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress categories as nominees for the Philadelphia Critic’s Awards. Recipients of the 2015 accolades will appear on Friday, January 8 with a list of the Top 30 (or more) in each category. The reason for the “or more” is a good. There are more than 30 truly special performances or achievements in each category, and I want to spread the word about what a marvelous — and excellent — theater community we have here.

It’s as good as any in the world. I hope Philadelphia knows and is proud of that. Our theaters put our sports teams to shame!!!


untitled (37)QUALIFIERS FOR BEST PRODUCTION (200 in alphabetical order) — According to Goldman, After the Rehearsal, Alias Ellis Mackenzie, All in the Timing, All My Sons, Always…Patsy Cline, And Then There Were None, Andy: A Popera, Animal Farm, Antigone, Ariadne auf Naxos, Around the World in 80 Days, Auctioning the Ainsleys, Autumn, Baby Doll, The Bald Soprano, Baskerville (McCarter), Baskerville (PTC), Because of Winn-Dixie, Becoming Dr. Ruth, Billy Elliot, Biloxi Blues, Bitter Homes and Gardens, Black Nativity, The Body of an American, The Book of Mormon, The Border, Breaking the Code, Broadway Does Operetta, Brownsville Song (B-Side for Tray), Bullets Over Broadway, Bullshot Crummond, Bus Stop, Cape May Summer Club, The Captive, The Castle of Otranto, Catch Me if You Can, The Cherry Orchard, The Children’s Hour, The Chocolate Soldier, A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, Closer (Luna), Closer (Eagle), Closer Than Ever, Collected Stories, A Comedy of Tenors, Company, The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane, Diner, Dirty Dancing, Disgraced, The Divorcees Club, A Doll’s House, Don Carlo, Don Quixote, Doubt: A Parable, Dracula, An Enemy of the People, Equivocation, Ernest Shackleton Loves Me, Eurydice, Exit the King, The Fair Maid of the West, Field Hockey Hot, Five Mile Lake, Forbidden Broadway’s Greatest Hits, The Foreigner, The Fox on the Fairway, A Free Man of Color, Gentleman Volunteers, Ghost, Giantess, God of Carnage, The Goldilocks Zone, A Great War, Groucho: A Life in Revue, The Gun Show, Gypsy, The Hairy Ape, Hamlet, The Handmaid’s Tale, Hands Up, Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates, Heathers, Hello Dolly, Henry V, High Society, Hot ‘N’ Cole, The Hound of the Baskervilles, How to Write a New Book for the Bible, Human Error, I Hate Hamlet, I Love a Piano, The Illusionists, In the Blood, Into the Woods, It’s a Wonderful Life: A Radio Play, Juno and the Paycock, Kinky Boots, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Lafferty’s Wake, Let’s Kick That Leg Again, Liberace!, A Life in the Theatre, Lights Rise on Grace, Lulu’s Golden Shoes, Macbeth (Arden), Macbeth (Villanova), The Mandrake, Mark Twain Unplugged, Marry Me a Little, The Matchmaker, Matilda, Memphis, Merrily We Roll Along, Metamorphoses, The Metamorphosis, Michael & Edie, Mickle Street, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Milk Like Sugar, The Miracle Worker, Misalliance, Les Misérables, Moon Cave, Moon Walk Man, Mothers and Sons, Motown: The Musical, Mountain, Murder for Two (PTC), Murder for o (George Street) A Murder Has Been Announced, My Favorite Year, My Mother Has Four Noses, National Pastime, No Sex Please, We’re British, Noises Off, Nora, Old Jews Telling Jokes, On Golden Pond, On the Verge, Oscar, Oslo, Othello, Passion, Penelope, Pericles, Persona, Peter and the Starcatcher, Photograph 51, Playing the Assassin, Post Haste, Prince Max’s Trewly Awful Trip to the Desolat Interior, Private Lives, The Rage of Achilles, Ragtime, A Raisin in the Sun, Rashomon, The Raw Onion Revival, Rizzo, Romeo and Juliet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, The Second Mrs. Wilson, The Shadow of a Gunman, Shipwrecked, The Shoplifters, Sizwe Banzi is Dead, Song for the Disappeared, Speech and Debate, A Spirit on Parole — An Evening with Lenny Bruce, Stairs to the Roof, Standing on Ceremony, Stella and Lou, There, The Taming of the Shrew (Lantern), The Taming of the Shrew (Delaware Shakespeare), Tappin’ Thru Life, This is the Week That Is, The Three Christs of Manhattan, The Three Maries, The Three Musketeers, The Three Musketeers: The Later Years, The Threepenny Opera, To the Moon, Tommy, Tommy and Me, La Traviata, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Princeton Festival), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Bucks County Playhouse), Uncanny Valley, Under the Skin, Underneath the Lintel )Hedgerow), Underneath the Lintel (Lantern), Unnecessary Farce, Watership Down, The Whale, White, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Yardbird


atandwa_kani__and__mncedisi_shabangu_in_sizwe_banzi_is_dead_2014_ruphin_coudyzerQUALIFIERS FOR BEST DIRECTOR (121 in alphabetical order) — Charles Abbott, Abigail Adams, Tim Albery, Frank Anzalone, Susan D. Atkinson, Keith Baker, Robert Bauer, Jessica Bedford, Samantha Bellomo, Virginia Benn, Jesse Bernstein, Damon Bonetti, David Bradley, Tony Braithwaite, Joe Brancato, Tina Brock, Alexander Burns, Jeff Calhoun, Gregory Scott Campbell, Joe Canuso, Bob Carlton, Stephen Casey, Jennifer Childs, James J. Christy, Jesse Cline, Jeremy B. Cohen, Alex Correia, Ed Corsi, Paul Curran, Ron Daniels, Matthew Decker, Amanda Dehnert, Mary Milgrom Dodge, Cheryl Doyle, Joe Doyle, Dann Dunn, Gordon Edelstein, Melissa Firlit, Kamilah Forbes, Hunter Foster, Brenda Geffers, M. Craig Getting, Eric Gibson, Kevin Glaccum, Geoffrey Goldberg, Wendy C. Goldberg, Doug Hara, Neill Hartley, Brent Hazelton, Jim Helsinger, Rob Henry, Dan Hodge, Jere Lee Hodgin, James Ijames, John Jarboe, Ozzie Jones, Valerie Joyce, John Kani, Carmen Khan, Deen Kogan, Whit MacLaughlin, Kathryn MacMillan, Emily Mann, Kathleen Marshall, Michael Mastro, Charles McMahon, Peg Mecham, Jerry Mitchell, Ellie Mooney, Patrick Mulcahy, Kevin Newbury, Casey Nicholaw, Terrence J. Nolen, Charlotte Northeast, Megan Nicole O’Brien, Kittson O’Neill, Steve Pacek, Daniel Pantano, Lisa Peterson, Matt Pfeiffer, Thaddeus Phillips, Pete Pryor, Chas Rader-Shieber, Allan Radway, Dennis Razze, Jared Reed, Frank E. Reilly, Peter Reynolds, Peter John Rios, Mary B. Robinson, James Rocco, Dan Rothenberg, William Roudebush, Seth Rozin, Scott Schwartz, Seret Scott, Joanna Settle, Jonathan Silverstein, Edward Sobel, Richard Stafford, David Stanger, Jessica Stone, Jo Strømgren, Matt Tallman, Theodoros Terzopoulos, Eric Ting, Russell Treyz, Michael Unger, Bill Van Horn, Ivo von Hove, Stephen Wadsworth, Douglas C. Wager, Matthew Warchus, Jeff Whiting, Ted Wioncek III, Greg Wood, Rebecca Wright, Pirronne Yousefzadeh, Blanka Zizka


80Days_12QUALIFIERS FOR BEST ACTOR (132 in alphabetical order) — Adam Altman, Kalen Allen, Dexter Anderson, David Arrow, Keith Baker, David Bardeen, Jerome Preston Bates, Kevin Bergen, Trent Blanton, Mitchell Bloom, Jake Blouch, Damon Bonetti, Steven Booth, Tony Braithwaite, Kyle Branzel, Lawrence Brownlee, Pearce Bunting, Chase Byrd, Carlo Campbell, Garrison Carpenter, Josh Carpenter, Peter Carrier, Derrick Cobey, Keith Conallen, Curtiss Cook, Jr., Jeffrey Coon, Christopher Coucill, David Daniels, Gunar Daniels, Peter DeLaurier, Charlie DelMarcelle, Will Dennis, Ben Dibble, Dan Domingues, Jacob Dresch, Keir Dullea, David Edwards, Mike Eldred, Kyle Fennie, Nathan Foley, Daniel Fredrick, Michael Genet, John Glover, Nate Golden, Felipe Gorostiza, Scott Greer, Justin Guarini, Joel Guerrero, Leonard C. Haas, Robert Hager, Connor Hammond, George Hartpence, Sam Henderson, Garrett Lee Hendricks, J Hernandez, Maurice Hines, Eric Hissom, Johnnie Hobbs, Jr., Michael Thomas Holmes, Adam Hoyak, Robb Hutter, Robert Jason Jackson, Sheldon K. Jackson, Atandwa Kani, Liam Keenan, Joe Kinosian, Ezra Knight, Zack Krajnyak, James Michael Lambert, David Larsen, Anthony Lawton, Ethan Lipkin, Ian Lowe, Graeme Malcolm, Brian McCann, Rob McClure, Wade McCollum, Alex McCormick, Dylan McDermott, Tom McGovern, Jered McLenigan, Kevin Meehan, Ron Menzel, Ben Michael, Antonis Miriagos, Jon Mulhearn, Christopher Patrick Mullen, David Newhouse, Craig O’Brien, Ian Parker, Kyle Taylor Parker, Ian Merrill Peakes, Samuel Pergande, Matt Pfeiffer, Andy Phelan, Thaddeus Phillips, Dimitri Pittas, Spencer Plachy, Pete Pryor, Brandon Ranalli, Brian Ratcliffe, Douglas Rees, Zack Robidas, Matteo Scammell, Paul Schaefer, Buck Schirner, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Tobias Segal, Alek Shrader, Alex Smyk, Cody Jamison Strand, Grant Struble, Christopher Sutton, Ivar Sverrissen, Tom Teti, Julius Thomas III, Stephen Matthew Tornetta, Pej Vahdat, Bill Van Horn, Brock D. Vickers, Jon Viscardi, Richard B. Watson, Bryan Welnicki, Wayne Alan Wilcox, Michael Williams, Jack Forbes Wilson, Greg Wood, Gregory Wooddell, Stephen A. Wright, Frank X, Dante Zappala


Gypsy coverQUALIFIERS FOR BEST ACTRESS (96 in alphabetical order) — Gillian Abbott, Megan Nicole Arnoldy, Kristen Bailey, Sophia Barrett, Nastassja Basset, Meredith Beck, Leslie Becker, Carla Belver, Rachel Brennan, Rachel Brodeur, Jonatha Brooke, Kristen Bush, Rachel Camp, Taysha Canales, Kelsey Carroll, Kim Carson, Jennifer Childs, Kimberly Christie, Judith Lightfoot Clarke, Anne Connors, Alda Cortese, Leah Crocetto, Rebecca Jane Cureton, Julie Czarnecki, Jessica Dal Canton, Kathy Deitch, Mia Dillon, Janine DiVita, Patricia Durante, Jennie Eisenhower, Ashley Everage, Carla H. Ezell, Liz Filios, Melanye Finister, Vivia Font, Kristine Fraelich, Sarah Fraunfelder, Aetna Gallagher, Catrina Ganey, Anna Giordano, Lexy Gwynn, Aisling Halpin, Lauren Hirte, Susannah Hoffman, Suli Holum, Jenna Horton, Zainab Jah, Gaita Jansen, Trisha Jeffrey, Aimé Donna Kelly, Lauren Kerstetter, Jennifer Kidwell, Emiley Kiser, Katie Knobloch, Emilie Krause, Melissa Krodman, Jenna Kuerzi, Maggie Lakis, Michael Learned, Felicia Leicht, Joanna Liao, Loulu Luzi, Monette Magrath, Mary Martello, Andrea McArdle, Mary McDonnell, Kylie McVey, Sally Mercer, Ashley Milanese, Allyce Morrissey, Bi Jean Ngo, Charlotte Northeast, Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Lisette Oropesa, Karen Peakes, Geneviève Perrier, Lyn Philistine, Kirsten Quinn, Penelope Reed, Renee Richman-Weisband, Jane Ridley, Laila Robins, Marcia Saunders, Mary Elizabeth Scallen, Rebekah Sharp, Catharine Slusar, Kimber Sprawl, Isa St. Clair, Heather Stebbins, Meg Trelease, Mary Tuomanen, Mabel Tyler, Valerie Vigoda, Jessica Wagner, Kathleen Wallace, Leah Walton, Ida Holten Worsøe


Foreigner_16QUALIFIERS FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (331 in alphabetical order) — Anthony Mustafa Adair, Chris Anthony, Michael Ashby, Jason Babinsky, Stanley Bahorek, Keith Baker, Ciaran Edward Barlow, Philip Michael Baskerville, Joe Bauerlein, Jeffrey Baxt, John K. Baxter, Alex Bechtel, Aaron Bell, Kevin Bergen, Jon Berry, Eric Berryman, Ross Beschler, Peter Bisgaier, Bryan Black, Trent Blanton, Mitchell Bloom, Daxton Bloomquist, Jake Blouch, Will Blum, Mike Boland, Damon Bonetti, Kenneth Boys, John E. Brady, Luke Brahdt, Tony Braithwaite, Ari Brand, Ryan Breslin, Kelly Briggs, Alan Brincks, Will Brock III, Jeff Brooks, Stephen W. Browne, Josh L. Browns, Michael Brusasco, Newton Buchanan, Pearce Bunting, William Burden, David Button, John Caliendo, John Cannon, Garrison Carpenter, Josh Carpenter, Steve Carpenter, Andrew Carroll, Ashton Carter, Todd Cerveris, Richard Chan, Michael Chenevert, Henry Clarke, Cameron Clifford, Sean Close, Mark Collmer, Lee Edward Colston II, Keith Conallen, Will Connell, Troy Cook, Jeffrey Coon, Ryan Corridoni, Lee Cortopassi, Michael Corvino, Christopher Coucill, Andrew Criss, Dan Cullen, Stephen Dagrosa, John D’Alonzo, David Aron Damane, Evan Dampman, Robert DaPonte, Langston Darby, Nathan Darrow, Akeem Davis, Bradley Dean, Jared Michael Delaney, Peter DeLaurier, Brad De Planche, Walter DeShields, Sanjit De Silva, Charlie DelMarcelle, Ben Dibble, Michael Doherty, Joe Doyle, Jacob Dresch, Brian Drillinger, J.P. Dunphy, Biko Eisen-Martin, Dane Eissler, Kevin Esmond, Nathan Esser, Trevor William Fayle, Parke Fech, Kevin Fennell, Kyle Fennie, Chris Fluck, Daniel Fredrick, Michael Fuchs, Michael Gamache, Jordan Geiger, Greg Giovanni, Laurent Giroux, Michael Glenn, David Lawrence Glover, Abe Goldfarb, Ben Graney, Christopher Ryan Grant, Adam Green, Jamie Green, Doug Greene, Tamar Greene, Brad Greer, Scott Greer, Jimmy Guckin, Joel Guerrero, Tim Gulan, Joe Guzmán, Leonard C. Haas, Roy Hage, Lucas Hall, Connor Hammond, Arlen Hancock, Colin Hanlon, Doug Hara, Ben Harter-Murphy, EZ Hernandez, Eric Hissom, Dan Hodge, Kevin Hoffman, Sherman Howard, Richmond Hoxie, Adam Hoyak, Brian Lee Huynh, Kingsley Ibeneche, Daniel Irwin, Gregory Isaac, Mark Jacoby, Dave Jadico, Justin Jain, Jeremiah James, Patrick James, John Jarboe, Ali Javaheri, Ryan Jesse, David Bradley Johnson, Juspin Jones,, Robert Joy, Josh Kachnycz, Andrew Kane, Thomas H. Keels, C.J. Keller, Bob Kelly, Leonard Kelly, Hugh Kennedy, Adam Kerbel, James Kern, Michael Kiliany, Aaron Kirkpatrick, Jason Eric Klemm, Derek Klena, Mark Knight, Zoran Kovcic, Garth Kravits, Alex Kryger, Paul Kuhn, Max Kumengai, Sean Lally, Scott Langdon, Anthony Lawton, Mark Lazar, Larry Lees, Matt Leisy, Sonny Leo, Mark LeVasseur, Steve Lobis, Melvin Brandon Logan, John Lopes, Patrick Ludt, James Ludwig, Reed Luplau, Trey Lyford, Gary Lynch, Terence MacSweeney, Ben Mahan, Joe Mancuso, Owen Mannion, John and Leo Manzari, Bryant Martin, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Quinn Mattfeld, John McCarthy, Shamus Hunter McCarty, Forrest McClendon, Paul McElwee, Joseph McGranaghan, Michael McGrath, Scott McPheeters, A.J. Melendez, James Vincent Meredith, Jacob Merinar, Bradley Michalakis, Ben Michael, Brandon Missouri, Chris Monaco, John Montforto, Jermaine Douglas Moore, Jeff Moorhead, Michael Dean Morgan, Maurice Morris, John Morrison, Jon Mulhearn, Christopher Patrick Mullen, P. Brendan Mulvey, Thomas Christopher Nieto, Don Noble, Paul L. Nolan, Brendan Norton, Stephen Novelli, Joseph Michael O’Brien, Michael Philip O’Brien, Garrett Obrycki, Ken Opdenaker, Eric Owens, Steve Pacek, Kevin Pariseau, Nichalas Parker, Mort Paterson, Ian Merrill Peakes, Timotheus “Moe” Peay, Owen Pelesh, Jesse Pennington, Steve Pié, Brandon Pierce, Paul Pilcz, Spencer Plachy, Sean Plumb, Marco Porras, Josh Portera, Stephen Powell, Ruffin Prentiss, Fran Prisco, Ned Pryce, Pete Pryor, William Rahill, Davy Raphaely, Brian Ratcliffe, Allen E. Reed, G. Alverez Reid, Jon Reinhold, James Lloyd Reynolds, Shaun Rice, Roger Ricker, Tim Rinehart, Zack Robidas, Kevin Rodden, Isaiah Rodriguez, Bryce Ryness, Bruce Sabath, George Salazar, Ken Sandberg, Nicholas Saverine, Matteo Scammell, Dan Schiff, Bob Schmidt, John Schultz, David Schwartz, Eric Scotolati, Mncedisi Shabangu, Scott Sheppard, Sam Sherburne, Thomas Shivone, Jaquez Andre Sims, David Sitler, Cameron Scot Slusser, Lindsay Smiling, Carl Nathaniel Smith, Graham Smith, Harry Smith, Edward Snyder, Avery Sobczak, Luigi Sottile, Stephen Spinella, David Stanger, Griffin Stanton-Ameisen, Count Stovall, David Stradley. David Straithairn, Christopher Sutton, Jakob Sweeny, Ed Swidey, Mark Swift, Matt Tallman, Jahzeer Terrell, Tom Teti, Matthew James Thomas, Sean Thompson, Clarke Thorell, Chris Thorn, Bobby Conte Thornton, J.D. Triolo, Rob Tucker, Stephen Barker Turner, Bill Van Horn, Dito van Reigersberg, Brock D. Vickers, Carl N. Wallnau, Harry Watermeier, Edward Watts, Noah Weisberg, Davey Stratton White, Matthew White, Sean C. White, Brian Anthony Wilson, Philip Anthony Wilson, Ron Wisniski, Zach Wobensmith, Greg Wood, Timmy Woodward, Stephen A. Wright, Jeff Wu, Frank X, Jerrial Young, John Zak, Matt Zambrano, Bradley Allan Zarr, Jonathan Zeng, William Zielinski


hans brinker -- coverQUALIFIERS FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (241 in alphabetical order) — Nicole Acevedo, Tabitha Allen, Abigail Grace Allwein, Tamara Anderson, Cara Noel Antosca, Krista Apple-Hodge, Adair Arciero, Madison Auch, Becca Ayers, Rachel Bahler, Kristen Bailey, Virginia Barrie, Susan Ferrara Barto, Whitney Bashor, Jessica Bedford, Mary Lee Bednarek, Candace Benson, Lesley Berkowitz, Amanda Berry, Stephanie Berry, Susan Blair, Allison Bloechl, Jennifer Blood, Kelly Boeckle, Ally Borgstrom, Angelique Bouffiou, Nancy Boykin, Allison Boyle, Alex Boyle, Lisa Brescia, Tina Brock, Rachel Brodeur, Angela Brown, Sanchel Brown, Candy Buckley, Marla Burkholder, Elena Camp, Rachel Camp, Taysha Canales, Lauren Ashley Carter, Caitlin Catanella, Christina Chenes, Sun Yun Cho, Jennifer Cody, Heather Cole, Patricia Conolly, Colleen Corcoran, Alda Cortese, Rebecca Jane Cureton, Kate Czajkowski, Elise D’Avella, KO DelMarcelle, Michelle DeYoung, Mindy Dougherty, Annie Dow, Melissa Dunphy, Lauren Eberwein, Jennie Eisenhower, Lisa Elizabeth, Michelle Eugene, Kate Fahrner, Kimberly Fairbanks, Charity Farrell, Isabella Fehlandt, Liz Filios, Crystal Finn, Deirdre Finnegan, Kathy Fitzgerald, Mary Kate Foley, Susan Fowler, Ife Foy, Chelsea Emma Franko, Lynnette R. Freeman, Julia Frey, Hannah Gaffney, Sarah J. Gafgen, Aetna Gallagher, Cody Gallagher, Gerre Garrett, Alice M. Gatling, Sharon Geller, Stephanie Gibson, Susan Giddings, Laura Giknis, Eliza Gilbert, Sarah Gliko, Rachel Gluck, Grace Gonglewski, Jackie Gordon, Marianne Green, Amanda Grove, Holly Grum, Alexis Gwynn, Erica Scanlon Harr, Joilet Harris, Anna Lou Hearn, Marieke Heebink, Erika Henningsen, Tracie Higgins, Anita Holland, Katie Horner, Caitlin Houlihan, Claire Inie-Richards, Margaret Ivey, E. Ashley Izard, Angelica Jackson, Savannah Jackson, Jill Jacobs, Jemma Jane, Chelsey Jean, Katie Johantgen, Alina John, Ora Jones, Susannah Jones, Laura Jordan, Terria Joseph, Mahira Kakkar, Malgorzata Kasprzycka, Leigha Kato, Alex Keiper, Aimé Donna Kelly, Emily Kinka, Sheena Knight, Sarah Knittel, Maria Konstantinidis, Emilie Krause, Jenna Kuerzi, Katie Ladner, Terri Lamm, Gina Lamparella, Antionette LaVecchia, January LaVoy, Melanie Lawrence, Mingjie Lei, Felicia Leicht, Danielle Lenée, Rachel Lipson, Courtnée Nicole Love, Hannah Ludwig, Kelli Maguire, Jennifer MacMillan, KC MacMIllan, Clare Mahoney, Carole Mancini, Colleen Marker, Mary Martello, Gracie Martin, Kristen Martin, Gina Martino, Elisa Matthews, Lindsay Mauck, Christina May, Barbara McCulloh, Susan McKey, Lisha McKoy, Corinne McMahon, Elizabeth Meisenzahl, Olivia Mell, Carolyn Mignini, Lee Minora, Nikema N. Missouri, Tori Mittelman, Ellie Mooney, Samantha Morrone, Angela Mortellaro, Sara Moya Tamara Mumford, Bi Jean Ngo, Christine Nieves, Kristen Norine, Sarah Ochocki, Suzanne O’Donnell, Campbell O’Hare, Brynn O’Malley, Jaylene Clark Owens, Hillary Parker, Jenna Pastuszek, Josephine Patane, Michelle Pauls, Katherine Perry, Jane Pfitsch, Frida Pittoors, Monica L. Potter, Rachel Potter, Katherine Pracht, Sabrina Proffitt, Ciji Prosser, Ru Pujara, Candace Quarrels, Cynthia Raff, Kate Raines, Taylor Elise Rector, Shannon Remley, Nicole Renna, Zoe Richards, Jenna Rogalski, Megan Rose, Megan Rucidlo, Elizabeth Rzasa, Emily Schexnaydre, Amanda Schoonover, Mary Beth Shrader, Marnie Schulenberg, Emily Schuman, Christa Scott-Reed, Jennlee Shallow, Cassie Silva, Cathy Simpson, Tess Soltau, Lauren Sowa. Cutisha Starks, Jenny Lee Stern, Rachel Sterrenberg, Susan Riley Stevens, Maryruth Stine, Heidi Stober, Emma Stratton, Jennifer Summerfield, Karina Sweeney, Martina Sykes, Karen Toto, Mary Tuomanen, Jo Twiss, Anita Vasan, Mary Pat Walsh, Stephanie Walters, Leah Walton, Gerri Weagraff, Amy Weatherhead, Susan Wefel, Alison Weinberg, Joy Weir, Naomi Weiss, Delaney Westfall, Kim Weston-Moran, Ali Wetzel, Denise Whelan, Cheryl Williams, Chrystal Williams, Meghan Winch, Jenny Winton, Sandy York, Sumi Yu, Julianna Zinkel

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