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Karen Mason — Breath and Song Restored

Tonight is an historic one for Philadelphia. The Rrazz Room, which originates in San Francisco but now has cabarets in New Hope, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami brings the top acts in books to the Prince Music Theater, restoring the fine tradition of cabaret established there. The Rrazz Room is the venue and the name to remember as it brings the wonderful Linda Lavin and others. including tonight’s opening act, one of the best, Karen Mason. Here is story about Karen’s return to vocal health after a scary period of her life.


untitled (42)In an earlier era, Karen Mason would be an international star.

Her voice is one of the best and most versatile, and her song stylings range from great intellect and depth to plain old fun. Television has abandoned the variety show that would have catapulted Mason and singers like her to fame, and time has made the Great American Songbook and pop tunes she sings secondary on concert stages that favor more bombastic forms of music and presentation, but none of that stops Mason from being at the top of her game.

Two bouts with vocal trouble almost did. One, in 1984, involved a paralyzed vocal cord. Another, more recent, was a breath control problem that kept Karen’s voice from having the power and precision she expected from it. Both situations were corrected, the second via therapy by Peggy Baroody, a leading expert in the field of singing voice rehabilitation…

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