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Emma — Lantern Theater

 From the moment Peter DeLaurier, as the constantly worried Mr. Woodhouse moans, “How sad,” as he sits at a perfectly felicitous and laudable wedding, you know the Lantern Theater’s production … Continue reading

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Othello – Screened locally from The National Theatre of Great Britain

     “Tragedy” is one of the most misused words in the English language. Newscasters and others often say ‘tragedy’ when they mean ‘calamity’ or ‘catastrophe.’ A dire event, even one … Continue reading

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Shirley Jones — Ingenue Image, Authentic Adult

Right before taking stage to do a show, Shirley Jones receives a telephone call at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco where she is appearing with her first husband, Jack … Continue reading

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Prisoners — a movie by Denis Villeneuve

 In the new movie, Prisoners, director Denis Villeneuve can’t seem to make up his mind about whether to be obvious or ominous, so he wavers between the two, sometimes being … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, and I’m Still in Therapy — Bristol Riverside Theatre

 Anyone whose elderly parents carry mobile telephones is bound to see the reality and humor every time comedian and playwright Steve Solomon attempts to carry on a conversation with his … Continue reading

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The Family — a movie by Luc Besson

    As I watched the opening scenes of Luc Besson’s wry and wicked movie, The Family, I was reminded  of a story Mike Franzese, a made man who supplied State’s … Continue reading

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Dutch Masters — Azuka Theatre

 Brandon Pierce is a chameleon. With the speed of a Wayans and the effortless versatility of Eddie Murphy, he can turn in a tick from being friendly to frightful, prickly … Continue reading

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Proof — McCarter Theatre

 I get excited by titles, especially economical one-word titles, that have multiple meanings, as the title of David Auburn’s humorous, moving, and multi-faceted play, Proof, does.      Most literally, Proof … Continue reading

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Didn’t Your Father Have This Talk With You? — Act II Playhouse

In his college days, Tony Braithwaite warned a less ambitious classmate that if he wasn’t more diligent, he would end up teaching freshman English at his high school alma mater … Continue reading

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In the Heights — Walnut Street Theatre

Latino energy literally pours on to the Walnut Street Theatre stage as a solo hip-hop riff builds into a contagiously exciting dance number that sets just about every member of … Continue reading

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